The English Wife is Going on a US Blog Tour!

The US paperback version of The English Wife is out this week, and it’s going on a cross-American blog tour organised by TLC Book Tours!

Reviews are starting to come in, and I’m thrilled. Here’s a lovely one from ://

Favorite Quotes:

The crossing had been awful, the waves a seascape of mountains and valleys, the ship like a cork bouncing and tipping its way across the Atlantic.

She imagines him in twenty years’ time, jowls dropping from his square jawline, his eyes drooping and watery. By then he’d look like a vulture. Turning into his spirit creature.

You look fine. You could wear my grandfather’s pyjamas and you’d look amazing. If I wore my grandfather’s pyjamas I’d look like my grandfather.

Those chaps could find a diamond in a glass mountain.

My Review:

This captivating tale was quite the saga, I couldn’t seem to put it down and despite its impressive length of 450 pages, I absorbed most of it in a day and savored every well-chosen word.   The storylines were skillfully nuanced, devastating, cunningly contrived, and brilliantly paced; my curiosity was well and truly tipped from beginning to end. The characters were cleverly constructed, curiously compelling, and realistically flawed. Poor Ellie, she was forever to be screwed over by her sister, as dramatic Dottie was a piece of work.

I realized I was woefully unenlightened of Newfoundland other than a vague awareness of where it resided on a map. I adored the frequent use of their Creole and argot with such colorful and imaginative phrasings, although their gut-foundered menus of scrunchions and cod and brewis, as well as their frigid weather, sounds simply ruinous. And while I was quite taken by their belief and understanding of fairies, personally, I much prefer Tinkerbell.