3-Book Saga Series Coming with One More Chapter!

I’m thrilled to announce that One More Chapter/Harper Collins will be publishing a 3-book series set around the lives of three Anglo-Italian sisters, following them through the years of WWI in Book 1, through the Twenties and Thirties in Book 2, and through WW2 and into the 1970s in Book 3.

London sisters Celie, Jessie and Ettie Fry’s comfortable, middle-class lives diverge in the years of the Great War, leading them to Germany, Egypt and Italy. Through the series, they negotiate their unique paths against the backdrop of the tumultuous, changing world and famous characters of the Twentieth Century. But, everything is not quite as it seems. As they pursue their dreams, will they discover the shocking secret their mother has been hiding from them all their lives?

The Fry Sisters saga is inspired by my own adventurous grandmother, Edith Adelaide Fry, and great-aunts Jessie and Ettie Chinn, who followed their dreams to new lives in Canada (my grandmother), as a British Army nurse travelling the world (Ettie) and as an artistic bohemian (Jessie). These women live in the family photographs (many taken by my photographer grandfather), and, now, their independent spirits will live on in these books. Here are some photos of my great-aunts and my grandmother from the 1910s. Ettie Chinn nursing in Egypt during WWI in picture 1; my grandmother Edith Fry Chinn before moving to Canada as a young wife in 1922 in picture 1; Jessie Chinn in picture 3.

The first book will be out this autumn, with book 2 coming in the late spring of 2022 and book 3 in the spring of 2023. Time to get to work!