My Poems are Heading to the Moon

You never know what surprises are coming your way. Yesterday I was invited by my writer friend, Carolyn R. Parsons (you must read her fantastic book, The Forbidden Dreams of Betsy Elliott – my favourite read of 2020), invited me to send her three of my poetry collections — A Blade of Summer Grass, Touch Me Like the Rain, and Daisies in the Breeze — to include in a writers’ time capsule on a rocket heading to the moon — yes, that moon! — this autumn. Well, of course… YES!

So, how are they getting there, you might ask? It seems DHL gets everywhere.

The writers’ capsule (a MicroSC card) has been organised by Dr. Susan Kaye Quinn, a writer herself, and is being delivered to Lacus Mortis 45N 27E by as company called Astrobotic, and 126 writers have sent their work for inclusion on the capsule.

You can read more about this literary mission to the moon on http://www,writersonthemoon,com . All photos courtesy of Susan Kaye Qunn.

So, this autumn, when the full moon comes around, somewhere up there there will be a tiny media card with my poems on them. When I wrote this haiku a year ago, I never thought it would be literal:

Look up at the moon –
I have written you a poem
And left it for you there.