The Lost Letter

A forbidden love affair. A long-buried secret. A journey that will change everything.

Morocco, 1984. High in the Atlas Mountains, Hanane’s love for Irishman Gus is forbidden. Forced to flee her home with the man she loves, Hanane is certain she’s running towards her destiny. But she has made a decision that will haunt her family for years to come.

London, 2009. When Addy discovers a mysterious letter in her late father’s belongings, she journeys to Morocco in search of answers. But instead, she finds secrets – and is quickly pulled into a world that she doesn’t understand.

And when history starts to repeat itself, it seems her journey might just change the person she is forever…

A heartbreaking story of impossible love and dark family secrets that readers of Dinah Jefferies and Tracy Rees will love.

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The Lost Letter from Morocco has great authenticity, immediacy and is an emotive and engaging read.’  Rosanna Ley

‘Rich, evocative and utterly immersive, this beautifully written book swept me away to Morocco. I could feel the heat, was captivated by the intense, exotic world, and found Addy’s journey to get to the bottom of long-buried secrets absolutely gripping.’  Jenny Ashcroft

‘Evocative, sensual and authentic, it’s a novel that gives a true flavour of Morocco in all its maddening and seductive contrasts, embodied so brilliantly in the character of Omar. I loved it.’  Jane Johnson

Reviews of The Lost Letter

‘I really liked this story. I liked the characters and the descriptions of Morocco. I was totally swept up in this story from the start. Parts of it are really heart-breaking and had me close to tears. It is beautifully written and told with feeling. I would definitely recommend reading it.’

‘Just finished reading The Lost Letter From Morocco! OMG I fell in love with the characters especially Addy and Omar. PLEASE tell me there is a sequel, or several sequels in the works. I want to find out what happens to Amine and Fatima, what really happened to Hanane and more on the life of Addy and Omar… I read all the time… several books always on the go, but with this one the characters live in my heart… I look forward to hopefully hearing more books are coming soon…’

‘I really enjoyed reading this book. I started it on holiday whilst in Morocco visiting Marrakech, with trips to the Atlas Mountains and surrounding villages, this helped me to immerse myself in the book and have more of a feel for the characters. I liked the plot and it kept me guessing the outcome to the very end. I have just finished it and felt compelled to send a copy to a friend who I was also visiting the country with, as I know that she would enjoy it too.’

‘Light-hearted, interesting and gripping storyline. Very captivating throughout with a perfect twist and happy climax. Highly recommend this book to any age group.’

‘A wonderful vivid glimpse at life in Morocco full of colour and characters. The story from modern times mixes nicely with the story from the past and eventually link up. The culture of the Muslim family is upfront, but the true warmth and bonds they have is clear and true. A nice twist at the end. Overall a really good read.’

‘This is a lovely book. I love everything about Morocco and reading this was a joy. The characters felt real and I could relate to them. After all the thrillers I’ve read this book was a nice change. Highly recommended!’

‘You really get a sense of true authenticity relating to Morocco, the author has done a superb job in creating this book.’

‘Lovely, emotional, at times heart-wrenching. A book that drew me right in and involved me. Sorry to see it end. Literary, wonderfully written, highly recommend.’

‘What a wonderful book, beautifully written, felt like I was in Morocco. Would definitely recommend it.’

‘By the end I had slowed down almost to a stop, just so the story didn’t have to finish. I want to find out what happens with all these characters that I now care about so much. Will definitely be keeping an eye out for any sequel.’

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