A rose in the shade
Needs only the sunlight
To show its beauty.

You soften my edges,
Like a feather on brittle leaves
Buried in the grass.

Daisies in the breeze;
White flowers with hearts of sun
Dancing a ballet.

They say we shouldn’t,
But how can we not? Nature
Has called out our names.

Oh, to be the bird
singing in the flowering plum,
carefree in the sun.

When clouds cloak the stars,
Look within –
A universe awaits you there.

Honour your calling –
Steal moments like a magpie
Collecting treasures.

See how the light shines
Through a blade of summer grass?
All answers lie there.

Listen to the dawn
It plays the music of life
In its silent song.

Sky-riding swallow,
Make your feathers a pen
And write love in the sky.

Does the caged bird know
The freedom it has lost
In exchange for its song?

Nature’s voice is sweet –
Why do we plug our ears against
Her beautiful song?

Look up at the moon –
I have written you a poem
And left it for you there.

Settled by your side,
We are like cats in warm sun,
Content in silence.

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